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    Pousada Mosteiro de Amares – Hotel Santa Maria de Bouro – Hotel Amares
    Formerly a 12th century Cistercian Monastery, the Pousada of Amares is in the Vinho Verde wine region of Northern Portugal
    Pousada de Viana do Castelo – Hotel Monte de Santa Luzia
    This early 20th century Pousada Viana Do Castelo offers one of the most famous views in Portugal
    Pousada de Valenca do Minho – Hotel Sao Teotonio
    The Hotel Sao Teotonio offers magnificent views of the Minho River from its unique setting in the 17th century fortress town
    Pousada of Braganca – Hotel Sao Bartolomeu – Hotel Braganca
    With spectacular views over the walled city, the Pousada of Braganca is the perfect base from which to explore this more remote area of Portugal
    Pousada do Geres Canicada – Hotel Sao Bento – Hotel Geres-Canicada
    Situated in the Peneda-Geres National Park, Its attractive, beautifully furnished lounge with stone fireplace and wooden beams makes Hotel Sao Bento one of the most welcoming Pousadas in Portugal
    Pousada de Lisboa – Terreiro do Paco – SLH
    A beautiful hotel, the Pousada of Lisbon is superbly located in the heart of this historical capital city
    Hotel Cascais – Cidadela Historic Hotel and Arts District
    This luxury Pousada Hotel is located in the lively coastal town of Cascais near Lisbon, Portugal’s vibrant capital city
    Pousada Castelo de Obidos – Hotel Castelo
    The magnificent Pousada Obidos is a luxury hotel situated in a medieval Castle in the old walls of Obidos, a fortified town in the west of Portugal
    Pousada Vila Obidos
    An authentic 18th century house hotel with views over the beautiful medieval village of Obidos